China dreaming

Today we went over to Burwood ostensibly to purchase a music book for G, but actually to get a belly full of superior Chinese food, at the Xi’an Eatery.

A blogger I follow had done a review of this particular restaurant so I knew it should be good. Not Quite Nigella did not let me down. It was fabulous. Both my kids want to return. I count that as a win!

Burwood is full of Chinese restaurants, many with Xi’an featuring in the name. Being transported back to that particular home of lamb and cumin sticks is always a delight.

We had a great selection of food. The waitress we had was attentive and friendly, I have also had my tank filled from hearing Mandarin being spoken, then being apologised for. I love nothing more than being immersed in another language where the person for whom it is their mother tongue just ploughs through, knowing that you’ll get the gist! We were definitely the foreigners in that restaurant today.

I had to order a mango beer off the menu as it sounded tantalising. It was great.

The food was fabulous too.

After lunch T and I went around to the shopping centre where we’d parked the car, to sit and wait for the others. They needed to do some shopping.

Fortunately this coincided with a couple of dragons visiting, with their percussion entourage. Watching them go around the shopping centre, eating lettuces and lucky red envelopes, and moving to the beat of the extremely loud percussion band, was wonderful.

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