What Mary Read

I belong to a local book group. With this comes the reading of books that I mightn’t usually choose. These also need to be read for the second Tuesday of the month.

As mentioned before I keep a big pile of books on the hop sometimes. Having a set date to have a book read by can be a good thing.

Our “holiday read” for the February meet was from a selection of Kathy Lette books. I randomly selected “After The Blues”. “Puberty Blues” was her first book, a co-write that was written in the 70’s, about growing up on the southern beaches of Sydney at a time when girls were seen as the buyer of chiko rolls and the cheer squad on the beach for their surfer boyfriends.

This book was written two years ago, as a follow on from the first book. Set in the few years after high school, taking up where apparently the first book left off. It is an easy, amusing read, delving into the friendships and love stories of the central character and her mates. New friends, old friends, new locations and trips back to the burbs are all part of the story.

I enjoyed this romp through the early 80’s. If you are looking for a quick read then this fits the bill!

One of the best things about our Book Group is that the books are sourced by a lovely librarian at Rockdale Library. We give her a list of what we might like to read and she works it out from there.

Stay tuned for the March read in a few weeks time.

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