Photo A Day Week 5


Day 5 – Water

Down at our Bay

Day 6 – Opposites

Sea and sky, boats and plane(s). On Australia Day at the harbour.

Day 7 – Card

A card from Champagne Cartel that came a little while back. Words to live by!

Day 8 – Fave Smell

That seaside smell, at Yamba of course.

Day 9 – Pet

Where would we be without our Archie Dog? He’s a delight.

Day 10 – Umbrella

This one is my favourite and my best, a Charlie and Lola-ism that has become part of our everyday. Mary Poppins memorabilia is fab!

Day 11 – Friend

When your friend becomes a published author you do have to go to her Sydney book launch. Congratulations to Carly Findlay on such a fabulous achievement!

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