February 1st

A and I are toasting absence tonight, it’s the end of another trip around the sun without our Sue, his beautiful big sister. It’s five years today since she died.

We still miss her so very much, and often ponder what she’d might’ve thought about this or that. I like to think that she would still be so very proud of her little brother, and amazed by her nieces and nephew. I often wish that I could talk to her about her tween and teen-ness, and get a bit of insight to the Weakley Girl phenomena, that might help me with my own little one. I also wonder if G would’ve pegged her yet, like she has Aunty C, my other sister-in-law.

She’d have definitely loved the enormous bottle of Shiraz we cracked open tonight. Red wine was her signature cocktail!

This fabulous photo sums up the eternal optimism of the Weakley Family!!

Why yes, we will picnic as planned, whatever the weather, whilst touring by car in Greece. Taken by A – way back in the last century.

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