The Place Where Lost Things Go

We’re in the middle of a long weekend here, and with this comes quick decision to do things that mightn’t usually happen on a Sunday evening.

Early this evening we caught the bus into Newtown. Made an equally quick decision to have Thai for dinner (T’s choice, and there are dozens of these restaurants on King Street!) which was a good call – we all like that cuisine and it had been a while! Then it was time to see “Mary Poppins Returns” at the Dendy. We are all big fans of the original and this one did not disappoint! So much fun, so much Disney-London, so many references to the original. We all laughed, and I cried too, unsurprisingly!

Perhaps the songs aren’t as catchy as those in the original. Though with 54 years to become classics it’s no wonder that we all know them. The story begins with a lamplighter making his way across London, putting out gas street lights – winding his way to 17 Cherry Tree Lane. Michael Banks lives there with his three children, his wife has died and they’re in dire straits financially, and so very sad with missing her, their Lost Thing. Mary Poppins comes in on the wind, in a spectacular fashion, and, of course, helps them find their way again.

This film plays so much homage to the original – scenes, jokes, the music and the cameo roles. Being Mary Poppins tragics we loved all the A-ha Moments!

Coming home the cabbie was a delight too – he was pleased to have a family in the taxi for a change, and G and T both joined in the conversation!

Dinner and a movie, it was a family date-night!!

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