A Photo A Day – Week 4

January is almost over, and I’ve managed to play along at home every day. This week I took some photos in the day, found some from our recent trip, and others serendipitously turned up in my Timehop or Facebook memories.

22 I Went Here

Oak Park for a swim with my children and parents.

23 A Drink

A nice cup of tea in a London mug!

24 Landscape

One of my favourite views on our recent trip, between Glen Innes and Yamba at Raspberry Lookout.

25 White

A detail from our dining room ceiling.

26 What I Wore Today

Marimekko makes me smile.

27 A Sign

Classic neon in Burwood, taken on the date, last year.

28 The Sky

Through a skylight in either our new bathroom or laundry, taken on this date a year ago, before our extension was finished.

Once again, pop over to my insta if you’d like to! Mary_j_jordan.

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