Oh Hi there

Yes, back again. About time I hear you mutter. So much to tell, so much muddling in the mind, but I’m here.

November is well on the way to nearly being over. The kids are back at school, on campus and I think that they are really enjoying being with their friends again. Both their high schools did a stellar job of online schooling, which makes it so much easier to be the in-person supervisor of such activities.

Al and I got back on the Mosley wagon again, and are now in week 7 of 12 of his Fast Diet. This time I signed up online and am doing the whole shebang, following the diet to a t, and also doing the exercise program – mostly – and the mindfulness – sometimes. The food is delicious, the kids eat whatever is on our menu for dinner, with rice or pasta, and thankfully the results are great – and swift!

During lockdown I realised that we needed a 2IC dog in our family again. I did a lot of searching. We didn’t want a teeny tiny pup and really I wanted a 4 year old. After a lot of applications, for dogs up for adoption through various pet rescue organisations, and through the purebred breeders website, we hit paydirt. Denver, a 2 year old smooth coat Fox Terrier joined us in August. He was (and I stress was) a show dog, and a champion at that. He is now living his best life in the equivalent of Las Vegas here, a real fall from the showground and the best behaviour he must’ve been on to win various competitions. He is getting used to being an urban dog after having a lovely time in Gundaroo with his mates! We are getting him under control, which is fun and rewarding. Jaffa thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread – which is lovely!

We are also experiencing the joy (?) of having a dog that sheds, after all these years of our Australian Terriers, who really don’t shed much at all! So we have a little bit of Denver spread evenly throughout this home it seems.

Here he is!

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