Walking the dog

Late this strange old, locked down Sunday afternoon we went out to the Bay for a walk with our Jaffa Dog.

Surprisingly the older child was also happy to join us on our stroll.

Even more surprisingly she went for a paddle.

I’ll take this as a win. Even if it was a late, mid-winters afternoon. She enjoyed herself.

Actually we all enjoyed ourselves.

Jaffa was totally exhausted when we got home.

She has a second wind right now, and is now hell-bent on annoying as many of us as possible, in turn.

One thing I’ve enjoyed doing, during these strange times, is going out with the kids and the dog to the dog park, or the beach. We all enjoy being outside, the dog plays with the kids and other dogs and I get a feeling of contentment. Life might be confined in many ways but its okay really.

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