When life becomes a lock-down

Once again we are in the midst of a lock-down here in Sydney-town. This one feels like second nature though. The kids were on school holidays and now they are almost at the end of the first week of term, home-style, with one week of online schooling pretty much done and dusted.

At the end of last term you knew it was coming, as ever so slowly everything that was written on the calendar was cancelled. Sunday sport for the kids, Friday night soccer for me, music performances and music camp for them. The list went on.

The bonuses have been many. The first is that my autocorrect says lick instead of lock – makes it sound like a lot more fun than it actually is. We got to lay in most mornings (after taking out the pup) during the hols as I reckoned there was no need to get up more than fifteen minutes before A’s first meeting of the day.

Now the kids are back at schooling we are back to getting up in a timely manner. I have also decided to dust the cobwebs off this website and tell you more about what I’m loving these days. Sometimes we need a little dose of happiness in our day.

Today I present to you Jaffa. The waker of the parents, the lap snuggler to all, and the overwhelmingly cute pup that melts each and every one of us when we are trying to get her to do the right thing.

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