The New School

G started high school today. We got her there in time. She managed to give us the slip in the foyer after a hug and a kiss goodbye, and find her friends from primary school. We eventually located her across the hall (without making eye contact or waving or anything) and sat elsewhere for the bit of the Welcome Assembly where parents were indeed welcome, at least by the school itself if not our offspring!

Once dismissed we were invited to the Parents Morning Tea, run by the P&C, in the Old Hall. It was lovely. I had to make sure that we called in for a cup of tea, as I truly appreciate the effort that goes in to running one of these. It’s the first time in forever that I was a guest not an organiser!

The baked goods were delicious. I knew we weren’t in Arncliiffe any more, there was a tray of ham sandwiches on the table too!

I chatted to some people I hope I meet again, parents whose daughters had attended other primary schools. One woman has a daughter in my best friend’s son’s class, I discovered, and another is married to one of my ex-flatmates. I did know this connection before I introduced myself to her. The world can seem quite small sometimes, even so!

You have to love a school that loves on it’s parents. I think we’ve made a very good decision with G’s high school.

Here’s to a great six years!!

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