These are a few of my favourite things

Last night at G’s sleepover party the children were watching “The Sound of Music” on dvd. I was rushed straight down memory lane.

I adore that film. To the point of goosebumps during some of the songs.

I adore Salzburg. In 2017 I dragged the family to Austria so that we could visit Salzburg together. I’d been there by myself way back in the last century. It was loads of fun then, and it didn’t disappoint on a return visit.

The geography of the town is superb. The buildings in the old town are gorgeous. The food is delicious. Really it was an all-round winner!

We had two fantastic meals at the St Augustine Monastery. T announced after the first visit that it was his best meal ever, so we knew we had to go again!

We spent a day doing The Sound of Music tour, which we all loved. It wasn’t as amusing as the tour I’d done from the youth hotel all those years ago, but it was great. I kept pinching myself, it really was a great feeling being there again, with my very own family.

When we were at the church where they filmed the wedding of the Captain and Maria I had to buy a small bottle of Holy Water. It stayed in my handbag for over a year, much to my amusement!

Ahhh, Salzburg! I hope I get to see you again in real life, sometime!

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