Ending the Winter of Whatever

Today is the official Last Day of Winter. This one has been a doozy. Covid 19 is still making sure we never really know what will happen next. One thing that is a given is that each day starts all lovely and new, full of possibilities.

The last few days have been delightful, weatherwise. We had a gorgeous weekend. I got my new marimekko x uniqlo sundress out on Saturday for lunch at my parents place with my brother and his children as well. It was just wonderful to be out on my parents verandah watching Spring coiling and getting ready to indeed spring all around us. There is nothing like a good meal and a glass of chilled white wine (or two).

The spread in the kitchen, before the main event.

Then on Sunday it was a case of too much sport is never enough. Down to Waratah Oval for the Ramsgate Rams Under 11s match, where T played his heart out.

He’s the blonde with the pony to be proud of!

A quick stop home and we were out again. Over to the Alan Davidson Oval to watch G play two matches for the Newtown Swans Under 14s Girls. Usually she plays for the Whites, but yesterday both girls teams had home games back to back – so G backed it up and played for the Reds as well. She also had a cracker of an afternoon.

There she goes – so determined.

I am glad when t-shirt weather comes around again. Sydney winters are never really a hardship but I am pleased when I know it’s nearly really over.

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