What are you reading Mary? 27/5

Reading, and actually finishing books has become challenging lately.

Recipe books, on the other hand, have been an easy type of book to dip into!

This morning, after an excellent pork roast last night,from this particular book, I’m investigating further.

A did the honours with dinner last night, and it was perfect.

This recipe book was compiled by the CWA (Country Women’s Association) as a fundraiser for farmers during the current drought. The recipes are from farmers, and cooks, from around Australia. There are interviews with various farmers and primary producers, who have supplied recipes. They give us an insight to their life on the land, and their connection with it. It’s lovely.

I have just been reading about Gillian Leeds, a cattle farmer from Jerilderie NSW. Her story has its ups and downs, both personally as a young widow, and as a breeder of shorthorn cattle. The bit that made me laugh was, when she entered a bull in the Dubbo Show for the first time, in 1982. When the bull won its class, the young man leading it said to Gillian “Put your lipstick on, we’re gonna win this!” He was right, the bull won Grand Champion. Gillian was the first woman to win at Dubbo Show, and the only woman breeder at the time.

I love that they won. I love the advice from that young man. So often it’s Mums who say put your lippy on – he must’ve had a great Mum too.

If you’d like to buy a copy of this book go to –


The porchetta on page 149 is a winner!

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