What Mary Read

Last weekend I finished reading “Say Hello”, by Carly Findlay

I enjoyed it thoroughly – I laughed, I cried and I felt uplifted when I finished it.

Carly is a friend of mine who lives in Melbourne. We met through her blog, quite a few years ago now, and in person about three years ago. She came to stay and we went to the Bus Stop Films Showcase Night. It was fun walking the red carpet together.

I was thrilled to attend her Sydney book launch. She was interviewed by/ in conversation with Annabelle Crabb, who is also a favourite of mine.

Carly’s story is one of growth, strength and resilience. Being born with ichthyosis, a rare skin condition has meant her path has been uncommon. This is a book she has written for all the Little Carly’s out there, who wish that people would just “Say Hello”.

Carly does not see herself as inspirational, but she is, for all the right reasons. She is A Published Author!

Three cheers for you my friend!

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