Mothering days

Today was one of those days when I thank my lucky stars that my full time commitment is to my family. In fact it’s been one of those weeks when managing the family has been intense.

Today I went up to T’s school bright and early for my first Recorder Parent Helper morning for the year. I ended up taking the newbies out for a practice session – and couldn’t really believe I was tutoring. Not too hard to lead little ones on three note wonders! T is in the ensemble, hence the volunteering. This will be my fifth year in the job!! Up til last year I didn’t regularly do anything much apart from assisting on the excursions.

Then at 11 I was collecting G from her school. She had a dentist appointment (her expander had snapped) where her dentist concluded that no repair was necessary as it’s done it’s job. Now the decision as to whether she’d like braces is up to her, it’s a cosmetic thing from here on. I breathed a sigh of relief really!

Then it was off to the GP for the lass. Then the pathologist. Then back to collect the lad late from school.

Piano lessons around the corner for both of them rounded off the afternoon. No wonder I lay on my bed for an hour after that.

A came home and bustled around cooking dinner and implementing surprises. The darling had a bunch of red roses and a silver vase for one bloom conjured up for me as February is for Lovers around here!

Such a beautiful surprise. He is a romantic, that man of mine. I count my blessings.

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