Things you need!

Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of what you might just need.

Last week a wonderful parcel arrived, of beautiful things I’d ordered from Champagne Cartel way back in January when we were up the coast. You know when you see a little online sale and it plays on your mind? This was one of those. I’d seen it, looked thoroughly, noted some lovely things, and went back a few days later and added to cart!

I knew it would take a while for the parcel arrive (the women who run the site were enjoying a January break too). When the parcel arrived it was a wonderful surprise! So beautifully wrapped, I loved it before I even opened up my gifts to self!

This card was with my purchases, and I love it. I think it’s my motto for this term – and the glasses that arrived add just that to my great big drinks of water. When cocktails are required they’ll come in handy then too!

Here’s to Sass and Glamour! A wonderful combination!

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