The Celebrations Continue

Only a mad woman would decide, whilst on holidays, to invite a few close friends and family over for a party the day after she arrives home from a big holiday.

I am that mad woman!

The potential attendees seemed to be quite fluid, right up to about an hour before it started. Family members replied and gave their excuses, friends were called and invited on the spot, others changed their minds about coming along. So we ended up with 4 lads, 4 lasses and 6 adults for a celebratory meal to honour Miss G once again!

Lots of good food and drink, and lots of whooping and running around by the 12 and Under Set!

Too much fun! One more party to go and I think G will be more than pleased with the number of celebrations she has had to ring in her new year.

“Cake” was Nigella’s brownies from “How to Be a Domestic Goddess”, as requested by The Birthday Girl. I also threw together a great big lasagne for the dinner segment of the festivities!!

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