These two lovebirds!

These two got married on the 16th of January 1965. They are also my parents!

Tonight we went to dinner at a lovely Indian restaurant across the road from our holiday house, to celebrate all those years!

I know that I am extremely fortunate to have both my parents. It is amazing to have such a solid marriage as an example of how good things can be. They are a hard act to follow! I know that my parents still adore each other, support each other and truly appreciate the love they have and the family they have created.

We are so happy to have them here with us this week. They are wonderful grandparents to my two darlings, loving parents and in-laws to me and A.

J and K – here’s to many more happy years together!

PS the photo was taken before their wedding, at J’s graduation ball. K was cleanshaven for the big day!

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