The Holidays Continue

You’ll be pleased to note that a nice little holiday routine has been happening.

The kids come in at 8.30am and demand we get up. They then go and set the table for breakfast and have their own.

The demand is made so that we get to the beach by 10am for the first swim of the day! Well, it’s really a family boogie board session and body bash I the waves. Talk about life goals when all four of us catch a wave together. I think A is the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time. Definitely the most relaxed! Three weeks tomorrow since we left Sydney on this holiday Odyssey!

After the swim it’s an icecream on the beach from the kiosk, and a trundle back up the hill to our cottage. A flop, a trip to the shops, lunch then another relaxo session.

The late afternoon sees us pile into the car for a trip down to Turners Beach for another surf session.

Rinse and repeat!!

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