This Little Girl

Today G turns 12. She is hard to write about as she’s my daughter and with that comes so much.

Instead I will write her a letter, here, of love and wishes.

G is our first born, the one that made me a Mum. She brought so much joy and laughter to our world, and she still does.

This year will be full of challenges and changes for our little girl. High School starts at the end of this month, and I hope that she starts this new stage of her education with the enthusiasm and confidence that saw her bloom in primary school.

New routines, new school mates, and I hope new friends are just around the corner. I figure if I have the anxiety she can just get on with making the most of everything that will be on offer.

G finished primary school buzzing with energy and busting to get on with the next stage. I am sure being twelve will just be fabulous for her!

Today we started with presents and apple pie for breakfast for the birthday girl! It ended with a pre-dinner surf at Turners Beach and dinner at the Pacific Hotel – both within sight of the lighthouse at Yamba! I think this is a good omen for a great year ahead.

Happy Birthday G! Here’s to a wonderful year where so many wishes come true and great things happen!

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