A Little Drive

Big sky, a road train and the flat, flat paddocks.

Today we went on a drive out of town towards Collarenebri, in search of elusive wetlands. We gave up, they were further than we thought, and unmapped it seemed.

We did see the stock route, travel behind a road train, and have that wonderful shimmer of a mirage of water.

I couldn’t stop thinking about one of my oldest friends, who grew up a bit further west on a large property near Walgett. He also became one of those rare creatures, a lad who went back to work on the farm with his parents. I had an interesting visit to that farm when I finished school – I had never felt such isolation in my life as staying in that farm house. I knew it’d take more than I had in me to live in such a place. Good thing it was never an option!

Driving along that road, seeing so little in the way of life apart from what was growing in the paddocks brought it back.

I know I’m a city girl! Happy to visit the Bush, and happy to go home again!

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