Today I very much like Lady Elliot Island!

Today we went from one large island in the South Pacific to a much smaller one, and it was superb.

We flew over to Lady Elliot Island early (well, 8.40am is early for us on holidays), in a small plane. It felt like we were keeping it real Fiji-style when we came in and landed on a grass air strip that ran the width of the island.

First on the itinerary was an orientation to the place, then we went to the pool for a snorkelling lesson. We did get some handy hints. Then it was off at the other side of the island for a glass bottom boat trip, and a snorkelling extravaganza. I was very glad that we’d all spent so much time floating around in the Kelly’s Beach Basin – we were all pretty confident. Heading off the boat into the deep was a little daunting. Luckily there was a float line which was great for resting along. The fish and coral underneath was gorgeous to see.

Lady Elliot Island is known for it’s turtle action, and it didn’t disappoint. I found myself swimming right next to a friendly creature who came up for air next to me. I was astounded really, and so thrilled. It’ll go on my reverse bucket list I think!!

Then it was back to the boat, then the resort for lunch. We all went on a guided lagoon reef walk in the early afternoon. Our guide had so much knowledge to share with us, and we all enjoyed spotting the various marine creatures she was pointing out to us.

All in all it was a fabulous day. Not many photos were taken, but our memory banks are full.

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