Lets get the show on the road!

A few weeks ago one of the “things I love” decided that I should start writing, in a different form to just adding comments to facebook and on other people’s blogs!

Thank you to my darling A for setting this up for me, and patiently waiting for me to make good use of it. See, I told you I would do so, it’s just taken me a while to get around to it.

The most important Things I Love are actually the people I love, in my very own family. The G, who, with her arrival made us into parents instead of just partners, the T who came a couple of years later and made us apparently “clever” parents as we managed, by chance, to produce both a girl and a boy. Not only do G and T make a pigeon pair, they are also the initials of one of our (that is A and M) favourite alcoholic beverages.

As mentioned earlier, the A in my life is my partner and husband. The man who makes me a part of an Us. He is one of those things I love very much indeed.

Moving away from our little family circle are the many other circles that both intercept and orbit ours. My parents and siblings, his parents and siblings, the friends that became family. All “Things I Love”.

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